Bryan Medical Center receives Top 25 recognition for National Depression Screening

LINCOLN — Bryan Medical Center received recognition as being a Top 25 Online Site for National Depression Screening for 2014, recording some of the highest screening numbers in the country surrounding National Depression Screening Day on Oct. 9, 2014.

Bryan Health offers a free, anonymous mental health screening tool that will let individuals know, in the privacy of their own home, whether or not professional consultation would be helpful. It is important for people to screen themselves or loved ones for depression and other mental health conditions, just as they would heart disease, diabetes or cancer.

The confidential screenings test for symptoms of depression, generalized anxiety, alcohol misuse, disordered eating, and posttraumatic stress. Individuals receive instant results and have the option to view referral information, information about mental health and substance abuse services offered at Bryan Medical Center, and general information about mental illness.

"We know that addressing mental health issues in our communities is a daunting task, and we commend Bryan Medical Center for making it a priority," said Lisa Meck, Community Response Program Manager for National Depression Screening Day. "The time and energy spent by Bryan Medical Center in promoting and facilitating National Depression Screening Day is obvious and we applaud the mental health advocacy exemplified by their team."

—Bryan Health news release, Oct. 31, 2014