Bryan Center for Sleep Medicine brings Relief for Patients

Everyone deserves a good night’s sleep. Sleep is as essential to overall health as exercise and nutrition, yet one in three Americans has a sleep disorder. If left untreated, a sleep disorder can have long-term effects on the body such as hypertension, heart disease and depression. The Bryan Center for Sleep Medicine is a full service, state-of-the-art facility that specializes in the evaluation of sleep disorders for pediatric and adult patients. Sleep disorders range from sleep apnea, restless legs, narcolepsy or insomnia. One of the most common disorders seen at the Bryan Center for Sleep Medicine is sleep apnea - when people stop breathing for a period of time while sleeping. Often times, it is a person’s bed partner who notices the breathing disturbances, especially snoring. People with sleep apnea experience daytime fatigue, poor concentration and sometimes memory issues. To refer a patient to the Bryan Center for Sleep Medicine, call (402) 481-9646 or (800) 742-7845 to schedule an evaluation. A free, online screening tool called SleepAware is also available at The screening takes about seven minutes to complete and offers personalized, confidential information to help identify the risk for sleep apnea.