Local Heroes to be Recognized at Annual Spirit of Giving Dinner

In celebration of National Volunteer Month, the Nebraska Community Blood Bank (NCBB) is once again giving recognition to a community of volunteer blood donors at the annual Spirit of Giving dinner, April 18.

Honoring those who have made donating blood a priority, the dinner showcases platelet pheresis donors, 15 gallon or more blood donors and Lifetime Achievement Club members. The dinner’s theme is “Calling All Superheroes.”

As unsung heroes in the community, blood donors are essential in helping keep hospitals prepared for emergency situations. No one realizes this more than this year’s event speaker, blood recipient, Rod Krogh.

In October 2011, Krogh was involved in a life-threatening car accident. He suffered severe head trauma, underwent multiple surgeries and received numerous blood transfusions. Blood donors have been a vital part in his road to recovery.

“Rod is a true testament to the lifesaving gift blood donors extend to patients every day,” explained Joyce Halvorsen, NCBB communications director. “Because of them, lives are saved and a powerful difference is made. We are excited for another year and opportunity to celebrate our community’s unsung Superheroes!”

Join this extraordinary group of community volunteers and help celebrate National Volunteer Month by becoming a volunteer blood donor. Schedule an appointment by calling (877) 486-9414 or visiting www.ncbb.org.