On the Cutting-Edge of Cancer Research

Research focused on creating a personalized approach to cancer treatment and care.

The Saint Elizabeth Cancer Institute is committed to furthering the scientific understanding of cancer and the effects it has at the individual patient level.

Patients at the Cancer Institute have the opportunity to further a national research program through participating in The Center for Translational Research. This cutting-edge research explores how genes affect the growth and development of cancer tumors. It is patient-centered and focused on activities designed to move discoveries quickly from the research bench to bedside. 

The foundation of this research is a biorepository of patient samples, including blood and tissue samples, used for analysis to identify cancer signatures that indicate cause, risk for disease and recurrence or best treatment for that individual.

Through this approach, future discoveries will help guide physicians everywhere to make more informed care decisions, ultimately leading to the best care possible.

Karri Donahue BSN, RN, CCRP, a Clinical Research Nurse, works exclusively with Catholic Health Initiatives’ Center for Translational Research. She can help determine if this research trial is right for your patients. With physician approval, she personally meets with each patient to explain the research program and receives their consent prior to their surgery and / or blood draw. For more information, please contact Karri Donahue at kdonahue1@stez.org or call 402-219-7936.