Clinical Marks Reveal Tabitha’s Excellence in Prevention

Tabitha’s non-profit, Christian mission is the foundation for a standard of excellence rooted in love and compassion, producing world-class client outcomes for the Elders it is privileged to serve. Tabitha partners with our community’s physicians and other primary care providers to support Elders in a seamless transition from hospital to home, with access to the ongoing assistance necessary to avoid a return trip.

Tabitha is a fiscally responsible, client-focused provider of Elder Care services. With re-hospitalization a key focus in today’s health care landscape, Tabitha is a notable leader in preventing repeat hospital stays that for Elders can average upwards of five days and cost more than $10,000 per visit.

Tabitha Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Lincoln boasts a re-hospitalization rate well below state and national averages, and in Tabitha’s Green House® homes and Journey House for Hospice and Palliative Care, resident re-hospitalization was non-existent (0%) during the most recent reporting period.

Because a significant factor in re-hospitalization is the provision—or lack thereof—of proper post-acute care, Tabitha is committed through its in-home support services to empowering every client to reach a level of function at or above the individual’s pre-hospital quality of life. Through pain management plans, fall prevention techniques, holistic counseling, health care education and more, Tabitha in-home support consistently achieves quality measure scores better than comparable Nebraska and nationwide benchmarks.

As a result, Tabitha client satisfaction is at an all-time high. More than 90 percent of clients report high satisfaction in key areas ranging from quality of nursing care and rehabilitation therapy outcomes to post-discharge goal setting and overall treatment by Tabitha staff.

Tabitha is proud to support Elders and their families with statistically proven clinical outcomes and comprehensive, client-focused care. For excellence at every step of the aging journey, Tabitha is the answer.