Battle of the Broadcasters Winner Announced

Photo: Erika Tallan, Matt McKay and Chad Silber pose during the blood drive.

In November, KFRX radio and KOLN-KGIN TV personalities teamed up to make sure the community’s blood supply would be there over the holidays. The ladies’ team, made up of morning anchors Erika Tallan (KOLN-KGIN) and Lindsey Nielsen (KFRX), took on their counterparts, Chad Silber (KOLN-KGIN) and Matt McKay (KFRX). The goal was 100 donations.

Blood drives were held at each station along with blood donors voting at Nebraska Community Blood Bank (NCBB) locations. “Maintaining the blood supply is serious business, but the competition has made it fun,” noted Joyce Halvorsen, communications director for NCBB. The idea for the competition came from Silber, “It just seemed like a good thing to do at a time when blood banks are in need of donors.”

The competition was strong with a lot of solicitation being done by both sides. When all the ballots were counted, despite a strong third day showing by the men, the ladies were named the winners. Final score was 84 – 55.

Strategies are already being discussed by the men for next year’s challenge as the Battle of the Broadcasters becomes an annual pre-Thanksgiving event.